The Bitcoin FUD is going to keep on coming. Here’s a running list.

While some FUD is easy to defend, some will only get much worse.

Eight years ago, Bitcoin was something people laughed at. It was OK to laugh at the time because most people really don’t care if people are buying weed from the Silk Road, or experimenting with digital currency. But as Bitcoin has become a smart investment, people are dropping the scorn and replacing it with a salty attitude. The salt we are seeing is only the tip of the iceberg. It will continue to get worse and worse as Bitcoin becomes more expensive. Remember, if 2% are Bitcoiners, the other 98% aren’t. These other 98% aren’t going to simply say “y’all we’re right after all, I’ll pay 100000X what you did for the same thing.” Bitcoin is a threat to the status quo. FUD is here to stay and will grow exponentially with the marketcap.

We’ll start with the easily debunked stuff and move to the more problematic.

  1. “Bitcoin is stupid and will never catch on.” When Bitcoin proponents say “critics were wrong” this is usually what they are referring to. Anyone who back in 2013 claimed that Bitcoin would never catch on was wrong. This doesn’t require any argument, other than “check the scoreboard.” The market cap is over $1T USD. Next.